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Putting the sexy back into systems by building a business that sparks joy again.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

As entrepreneurs we’ve been lead to believe that to run a business you need to be doing #allththings, that you need more not less.

But the secret to less stress and more profits is simplicity, sh*t hot systems and mastering the fine art of delegation.

Everyone has their own unique way of thinking and working. Your uniqueness shouldn’t hinder your ability to build, grow and scale a business, in fact we believe it’s your superpower.

That’s why we specialise in building effective workspaces for you and your team using Notion, an all-in-one tool to keep you productive, banish the tech overwhelm and manage your business with ease.

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What started as a tool to improve your personal productivity is fast becoming the MUST HAVE business tool among micro, small, medium and large businesses.

Notion is revolutionising the way we work.

No more flicking between multiple tools, apps and spending hours on YouTube trying to get to grips with the latest piece of tech recommend by one of the ‘gurus’.

Write. Plan. Organise. Collaborate.


Each of our packages takes your unique needs into consideration to develop custom workspaces and automate workflows. We want to improve your customer journey, supercharge your performance, productivity and collaboration whilst increasing overall business efficiency.

Get back to doing what you love and feeling in control.


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Wiki Development

aka a “Second Brain”

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“I’ve made so much progress in the past 12 months with systemising and streamlining…”

I am so grateful for you being so reliable and going above and beyond to make sure all the systems in my business are set up properly and run smoothly. Feels like I’ve made so much progress in the past 12 months with systemising and simplifying the back end of my business and I could not have done that without your support and brains! You’re brilliant.

Cate Butler-Ross

Writing Coach, Podcaster and Author, The Luminous